For one and all

Chiropractic is suitable for individuals of all ages. People visiting my clinic have ranged from a few months to more than 90 years old.

And you do not have to have a problem to consult a chiropractor. Sports people see chiropractors for help with injury prevention and for improving sporting performance.

Research supports the notion that people who undergo regular chiropractic care tend to make better health choices overall, and to rate their health as good.

And that older people who have regular care are in better shape—less medication, fewer stays in hospital, more active—than those who do not. Chiropractic is a health choice, which can ease your pain and help you live the life you want to live.

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Wisdom Teeth

31 Aug, 2014

Impacted wisdom teeth can become painful and problem...


  • I was relieved of pain faster than I thought.Most importantly "information sessions" have been very enlightening.

    Mahendra Dogra
  • Service is excellent. You are in excellent hands.

    Anupam Kumar
  • gone,gone,gone....the wrist pains and the numbness due to long hours of work on computers. It's like magic. Just one word "Super"

    Stanley John